How to Print the Junior Planner

Recommended Printer Settings for Junior Planner (5.5 x 8.5”):

Printing the Junior Planner is very similar to printing the full-page edition. The most notable difference will be in changing the page size. Note: I have never used a printer that will print two-sided on pages smaller than 8.5 x 11”. However, check your printer manual, as perhaps you have that option. 

Manually Printing the Junior Planner

Double-Sided Printing

Both sizes of this planner were designed to be printed duplex style, or “front and back”, so that the two-page spreads are lined up correctly.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin fully printing please do a quick test print to check to make sure the pages are printing side-by-side correctly. The document is designed to print correctly, but if you make any alterations to the settings we cannot guarantee that it will print as intended. Be diligent through the printing process, so that you can pause if things aren’t proceeding correctly. 

Recommended Printer Settings for the Junior Planner (5.5 x 8.5”):

Changing Paper Size

Navigate to File > Print. Click the  “Page Setup” button in the lower-left corner.

Go to the “Paper Size selector” and navigate down to the bottom field “Manage Custom Sizes”.

Select the “+” and enter the dimensions into the “Paper Size” fields. Margins may remain the same. After, click “OK”.

Your Print Settings should now look like this:

Manual Duplex Printing

1. Under “More Options”, choose “Odd or Even Pages” and select “Odd Pages Only”. Make sure the box is checked to reverse the pages.

2. Make sure the “Fit” option is selected.

3. Print.

4. After printing is complete, flip the pages over and put them back into your printer to make sure they are printing on the blank side (and are not upside down!):

5. Under “More Options”, choose “Odd or Even Pages” and select “Even Pages Only”. Make sure the box is NOT checked to reverse the pages this time.

6. Make sure the “Fit” option is selected.

7. Print

REMINDER: Make sure to monitor the pages as they print. If things aren’t going correctly, you can stop and reevaluate rather than wasting all of the ink and paper!

For an additional resource about duplex printing please see: