Favorite Planner Supplies

One of the most important aspects of the planner is the fact that it is so flexible. As a result, there are many different folder systems you could use. These happen to be a few of my favorites!

For Printing

I use an HP Envy Printer for all of my printing. I opted for the all-in-one unit because it was only slightly more expensive than the printer alone, and I use the scan feature quite often. Printing the full page planner is pretty straight forward, you simply need standard letter-sized paper. I recommend the 32-lb weight because it’s a little less likely to suffer from bleedthrough from felt-tipped pens.

For the Junior Planner, you have two options. You can either purchase half-page paper precut or cut your own with a paper slicer. I personally opt to purchase the paper precut because I can never seem to cut my own paper perfectly!

For the Covers, I opt for thicker cardstock.

Discbound Systems

I have always used a discbound system for this planner since its inception (Arc, Martha Stewart, and/or Levenger). It’s by far my most recommended system for planners, nothing beats the versatility.