How to Print the Home Goals Binder

Quick Print

After you download and unzip the Home Goals Binder folder, you’ll see a file entitled “Quick Print”. This is a single PDF document with every single one of the pages in chronological order and the section dividers included.

Recommended Print Settings: 

You can also choose to print a single page from the Quick Print file by navigating to the “Pages to Print” section, toggling the “Pages” radio button and entering in the page number. 

Printing Pages Individually

If you’d rather print the pages one-by-one, there is a folder entitled “Individual Files”. This includes every single one of the pages as individual PDFs organized by category.

Why would you choose to print pages individually?

  1. In the case that you’d like to use heavier cardstock for the cover and divider pages.
  2. You’d like to print multiple copies of the same page, like in the case of calendars.